Satellite Based Solutions

In-Situ Systems


Real-time monitoring systems provide the means to measure ocean current profiles in ultra-deep water, surface currents, waves, winds, and structure positions and motions.

Real-time monitoring systems & Baseline metocean measurement

CLS Group provides RTMS (Real Time Monitoring Service) for offshore sensitive operations, drilling activities and offshore installation with turnkey solutions: conception of the equipment, logistics, installation, maintenance and data processing.

Baseline metocean measurement allow our clients to better understand their direct environment and collect accurate data prior or during operations.

During measurement campaigns our in-house oceanographers compile and analyze all data and provide analysis reports for major oceanographic parameters: currents, waves sea temperature, air temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure with a high level of accuracy.

Equipment: Metocean and subsurface buoy, Mounted ADCP (FPSO, Drillship,), Acoustic sensors, Gliders, profiler floats …

Environmental Baseline Study
& Impact Assessment


Understand and measure your environment changes with hind-cast, real-time data and forecast.

CLS GROUP deploys oceanographic systems to observe the environment and carry out baseline studies.  Ecologists and oceanographers prepare Environmental Baseline Studies to provide an accurate understanding of the habitats in which a proposed project might be developed, and the marine resources that may be affected. We define the nature and extent of potential impacts, and evaluate options for minimizing impacts.

Data sets includes satellite and in-situ data (drifters, profiling floats, gliders, metocean buoy).

PROOCEANO – Blue project –