Special Projects

I-Tube Cleaning, 3D Scanning
& Machining


  • Cleaning the I-Tube to remove marine growth.
  • Survey of the I-Tube with a 3D laser scanner.
  • Using a high-speed, high-torque hydraulic cutting head to cut slots at pre-determined locations from within the I-Tube.

& Execution


  • The I-tube inspection was performed using 2G Robotics’ ULS-200 underwater laser scanner deployed on a spring actuated pipe centralizer. The laser scanner was lowered down the tube, performing 66 scans, each capturing an approx. 1m section of tube.
  • The result of the survey was a complete as-built model of the I-tube. This model illustrated not only the orientation of the holes and the diameter of the pipe, but also the specific characteristics of any identified irregularities.