Workshop Services

Choke Valve


  • Ocean Atlantic¬†is the sole authorised Agent for MasterFlo Chokes in Angola. We can inspect, refurbish & upgrade all MasterFlo chokes in Angola. This includes both surface and subsea chokes. Choke Insert, Actuator & Clamp refurbishment
  • Fully disassemble, inspect and re-build choke inserts.
  • Upgrade actuators from single to double acting cylinders.
  • Disassemble, clean and apply coating on choke clamps.

Choke Refurbishment Process


  • Receiving inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Detailed inspection
  • Repair and replace worn parts
  • Assembly
  • Function and pressure test
  • Coating and insulation




  • Hydrostatic Testing up to 15,000 psi.
  • Gas Testing up to 11,000 psi.
  • We have a dedicated pressure tank with underwater cameras for safely performing gas pressure test.

Pressure Testing Services


  • HPUs are suitable for water and water based hydraulic fluid.
  • Able to mobilise pressure testing equipment and perform testing at client facility.
  • We can provide ancillary test equipment like chart recorders / digital pressure loggers, pressure gauges, needle valves, test hoses, etc.
  • Our engineering team can write customised test procedures.
  • We will issue a pressure test certificate at the end of the test. This will include a test chart and can be adapted to include client specific requirements.
  • We can work with your QA/QC or 3rd Party inspectors for witnessing and approval of pressure test results.



  • We have specialised machinery for mixing & injecting insulation material.
  • Successfully applied Tymar 10K & GSPU insulation on multiple refurbishment projects for FMC Technologies & Aker Solutions.

Insulation Process


Performing insulation for subsea deep-water equipment is a very complex and specialised process. We have set up our facility to ensure that we handle hazardous insulation chemicals in a safe manner.
We have the capability to generate 3D CAD models to aid the manufacture of custom mould designs for insulation projects.

Blasting &



We are able to provide surface preparation & coating services that are compliant with International Standards like Norsok-M501 & achieve project specific requirements for onshore, topside, splash zone & Subsea Applications.

  • Phosphate Coating
  • Fluoropolymer Coating
  • Molybdenum Disulphide Coating
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Phenolic Coating

Blasting & Coating Process


It is critical that equipment go through the correct surface preparation and coating process. This is especially critical for subsea equipment as incorrect surface preparation and coating process will result in accelerated corrosion and inadequate cathodic protection. This can result in the design life of equipment being compromised.
We ensure that we are 100% compliant to customer requirements. We strive to understand the application of all equipment and recommend the most appropriate surface preparation and coating product.




  • Design & Modify Existing Structural Components
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Proof Load Testing
  • Certification

Structural Modification Process


Our engineering team typically generate 3D CAD modelling to facilitate designing modification of structural components. Depending on the complexity of the structural modifications, we can perform FEA to ensure that all modifications are within required parameters. If necessary, we can also perform proof load testing.